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I will be adding more soon, but this should keep you guys occupied for a while. None of these documents are mine- I’ll be posting my own charts/study guides within the next few days. Have fun!

Background Info (this has some basic information on the global situation leading up to the war in Vietnam, including the Sino-Soviet split and the Domino Theory)

Basic Outline (this is a very brief outline of the Vietnam War and is good for a quick overview)

Vietnam Outline (this is a more detailed outline- if you procrastinate and only have time to study one thing, this is a great choice)

Detailed Timeline (this is a timeline of the war with loads of detail- it’s very informative, but also very long)


So I’ve put together some study materials for final exams in both History and Spanish, and you are welcome to use them. Please keep in mind that these shouldn’t be your only study materials- they don’t include every single detail and I have been known to make mistakes, so just use these as a supplement to the rest of your studying. If you fail your final because you only studied my stuff, don’t blame me.

History Review

Spanish Theme Chart

Spanish Identification

You may also want to check out the “Resources” section of this blog, where I have tips for Paper 1. Have fun!

If you’ve looked at the packet of previous History Paper 3 questions we received last week in class, you may have noticed that there are several questions missing from the May 2004 test. I have included them here in case you need them for your topics.

4. Explain why the caudillos emerged and how they ruled in the nineteenth century. Support your answer with examples from one or more countries.

7. Explain the problems faced by Canada between 1867 and 1900. To what extent had the problems been overcome by the end of this period?

8. In what ways, and for what reasons, were there changes in immigration policies in the second half of the nineteenth century in one country of the region?

16. Assess the effects of the Second World War on minorities in any two countries in the Americas in the 1940s.

18. To what extent did domestic events lead to a political and social revolution during the post-Second World War period in either Guatemala or Nicaragua?

23. What domestic problems did Canada face in the 1960s, and how successfully were they resolved?

25. Analyse the aims and impact of two of the following regional agreements: Pacto Andino; NAFTA; Mercosur.

Remember that if you’re taking the IB History Exam at the end of this year, you need to be working on your self-study plan. In case you lost your sheet or are too lazy to get it out, here are the due dates:

1st time period: Friday, December 18th

2nd time period: Monday, January 18th

3rd time period: Monday, February 22nd

4th time period: Monday, March 22nd

5th time period: Monday, April 19th

Also, keep in mind that for each due date, you need the following:

  • Detailed notes on each of the bullet pointed topics of study for the five time periods you choose to study.
  • Outlined answers for two questions from each of the five time periods.

I’ve included a Word document with all of the time periods and topics, in case you misplaced your packet.

Paper 3 Topics


I hope everyone enjoyed the history test today. I realize we’ve finished the test and don’t really need these, but perhaps they’ll come in handy for IB exam review in the spring or providing background information for future Cold War tests.

Cold War Study Guide

Sample Cold War Questions

Cold War Document Chart